David Plamondon

Engagement Specialist / Team Guide

With over 25 years of gaming experience and more than 10 years supporting Indigenous people in career planning and education, David began Pe Metawe Consulting to share his love of games and his drive to help indigenous people succeed.

Jayde Gravel

Workshop Coordinator

Utilizing her Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport and Tourism as well as her years of community engagement, Jayde brings her skills and training to lead the development and delivery of all of our workshops.


Administrative Project Coordinator

With an extensive background in management and finance, Natasha understands that a team is only as strong as its behind-the-scenes process. Her ability to be a “jane of all trades” gives her the honoured task of keeping all PeMetawe’s moving pieces running together smoothly. 

Joseph Tong

Creative Projects Coordinator

With a history of experimenting with different universities and eventually deciding that even his food was going to be art (through taking culinary arts at NAIT), it is pretty clear how Jo is the creative engine for Pe Metawe Consulting. He is generally in charge of putting together videos and similar projects with the goal of inspiring both clientele and the individual. 

Haley lefferson

Project & Workshop Coordinator

Abraham Callingbear-woo

Youth Engagement Coordinator

Abraham Callingbear-Woo has years of experience in youth work and child care. He’s an experienced football coach and a passionate gamer. He’s a skilled writer that brings his myriad of experience to bear in helping build life skills and cultural teachings in our workshops and engagement sessions.

Gillian Spencer

Youth Engagement Specialist

As someone who is also currently enrolled in post secondary for a Bachelors of Music (followed by a Bachelors of Education),  Gillian hopes to help create, find, and utilise resources for youth to learn and understand their life and the experiences of the world around them through Pe Metawe Consulting.