Aftermath – The Beginning


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A massive earthquake just devastated the island nation of the Raya Republic. The earthquake destroyed most of the island’s main infrastructure and the nation was left without government.

In Aftermath: the Beginning, each player chooses a Character card. They represent individuals from the island trying to rise up to form the next government.

The objective is to control the most population by game end. Players acquire resources and provide them to desperate provinces to gain influence. The player who has the most influence in a province controls it’s population.

No two games will play the same way. Each character has a unique ability that modifies the way the game is played. The board is made up of modular hex-style tiles, which changes the dynamics of certain character abilities and crisis events. Players can purchase Publicity cards which give them an edge over their opponents.

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Players: 3-9 players, Age 13+

Time: 60 min