Connect 4: Card Game


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The classic 4-in-a-row game is now has a twist as a fast, fun card game! In this version of the connect 4 game, players choose 2 Mission cards from the deck and keep their patterns A secret. Then they draw connect 4 tiles and try to arrange patterns that match their missions. Whether it’s matching 4 in a row of purple, getting a square in green, or matching tiles to get an “L” Shape in yellow, it’s an exciting and suspenseful game. Drawing a tile card with a power-up symbol lets players do one-time actions that can change the course of the game in a second. Players aim to complete 4 missions for the win. This quick-playing card game is a convenient way to let your kids take the connect 4 game with them when traveling or visiting a friend’s house

Players: 2-4

Ages: 6+