Cyberpunk Red


Released by R. Talsorian Games Inc. in 2020, after a preview in 2019.

Cyberpunk Red updates the game and world following Cyberpunk 2020. Mike Pondsmith remains at the helm and much of flavor from Cyberpunk 2020 flows into Red. The game takes place about twenty years after the 2020 timeline which concluded with the 4th corporate war. The world has changed quite a bit as a result. Updates to the system promise streamlined combat and netrunning rules encouraging smoother gameplay.

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Welcome to the Time of the Red, Choomba! The Megacorporations spent decades wrecking everything and in the aftermath of their last War, everyone has to fend for themselves.

But that’s just fine. You can handle it. After all, in a world of vicious boostergangs, rampaging cyborgs, corporate assassins, and nihilistic doomsday cults, there’s only one rule: Always take it to the Edge.

Take the big risks, get the big rewards. Be the action, start the rebellion, light the fire. Never drive slow when you can blaze a trail.

You’ve hooked your Militech pistol to the interface in your brain; upgraded your cybernetic fist with carb-glas blades; and installed cybereyes than can pierce through the red haze like morning fog. There’s a world of opportunities out there, just waiting for the right Edgerunner. Maybe that’s you.

Cyberpunk RED is the latest edition of the classic tabletop roleplaying game of the Dark Future and encompasses everything you need to explore the post-War world of the Time of the Red, including:

– A dense, deep-dive into the history and geography of Night City and the Cyberpunk world, and plenty of lore about the Time of the Red.

– Ten unique Roles for you to play: charismatic Rockerboys, lethal Solos, quick-hacking Netrunners, inventive Techs, lifesaving (and taking) Medtechs, hard-hitting Medias, duty-bound Lawmen, scheming Execs, clever Fixers, and range-riding Nomads.

– A huge collection of useful tools, powerful weapons, protective armor, and gleaming cyberware to help you rule the Street.

– Three Screamsheet adventures to show you what Cyberpunk is all about.

– Pregenerated opponents perfect for populating the Combat Zones and Corporate compounds, plus encounters that use them to bring the City to life.

– from the book

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