Deadlands Weird West Boxed Set


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Welcome to the Weird, Wild West.

The year’s 1884 and danger awaits on the wild frontier. Some say there are monsters out there. Creatures born of darkness and given life by overwhelming evil. Such times create great heroes. Think you have what it takes to join them, amigo?

Deadlands is the premier Weird West roleplaying game of action-packed horror. Gather a posse of dedicated lawmen, magic-wielding hucksters, and grizzled gunslingers, and create your own heroic frontier histories. This is how the Weird West was won!

Requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play.

The Deadlands Boxed Set includes:

  • Deadlands: The Weird West
  • GM Screen plus Adventure
  • Set 12 Powers Cards
  • Set of 12 Archetype Cards
  • 6 Adventure Cards
  • 6 Infernal Device Cards
  • 6 Harrowed Cards
  • 5 Ammo Counter Dials
  • Set of Dice
  • Poster Map of the Weird West
  • Set of 25 Bennies

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