Freshwater Fly


Cast & finesse your line to hook & reel in the most lucrative fish in the river.

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You encounter a rushing mountain stream teeming with fish, armed with a rod, reel and collection of flies. Can you navigate the current, cast accurately, drift your fly downstream, and reel-in the perfect catch? Freshwater Fly is a thematic dice-drafting game featuring a spinning rondel reel for selecting actions, and a clever “push-your-luck” casting mechanism. The game is easy to play–each turn you will pick a die and take one basic action–but victory can only be obtained by executing a deliberate strategy and maximizing powerful bonus actions to solve challenging puzzles and reel-in the best combos before your opponents. Are you ready to showcase your fly fishing finesse and claim the most ambitious achievements of the day?  (Playing alone? Embark on a thrilling “1-Player Adventure Mode” excursion into the wild. Gain experience, explore new locations, unlock abilities and become a true master angler!)

1-4 players

Time: 40-90 min.

Age: 14+