Heropath: Dragon Roar With Allies Expansion


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Expansion 1: The Giant
1. In this expansion we added one more hero and one more hero board which allows a total of 5 participants – which of course intensifies the game experience and allows more people to participate.
2. In order to improve the game experience we added a team of sub-heroes called “Allies”. Each hero can convince (by increasing his faith) an ally to join him to his journey.

    • The main advantage of this expansion is the variety it gives to the game.


Such as: new cards, new tactics, extra accessories and even extra enemies.
Also there are special “Allies” dice that improve significantly the hero performance.
Beyond that – the hero does not fight alone anymore; he has a team of fighters who add interest to the game.


2-6 players

Time: 1-2 hours

Age: 12+