Jurassic Brunch


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Jurassic Brunch features gameplay similar to Jurassic Snack, but with players now controlling Triceratops and a single Raptor.

Jurassic Brunch can be combined with Jurassic Snack so that four players can compete in teams of two

Young Triceratops are herbivorous, but not docile species. To win, your Triceratops team will have to eat more leaves than the opposing team … unless you choose to use the formidable and fast Raptor to eliminate all the opposing Triceratops from the prairie!
-4 modular boards
-11 cute dinosaurs miniatures
-Accessible to the whole family
-A standalone expansion. Can be played on it’s own, or mixed with Jurassic Snack.

  • Language : Multilingual
  • Age : 7+
  • Time : 15-30 min
  • Number of players : 2

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