Keyforge – Dark Tidings Starter Set


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KeyForge: Dark Tidings is the fifth series in the KeyForge line.

In the world’s only Unique Deck Game, no two decks are alike, and two players race to forge keys to unlock the hidden vaults of the Crucible. With an incredible array of creatures, artifacts, and abilities, no two decks – and no two battles – will ever be the same!

– Explore the mysteries of a strange aquatic cult with the introduction of the House Unfathomable!

– Fight to keep the Tide on your side, unlocking the true potential of your deck.

– Evil twins have infiltrated the Crucible! Evil twin decks put nefarious twists on familiar creatures.

This Starter Set contains:

– 2 Unique Archon Decks

– 6 Key Tokens, 22 Aember Tokens, 22 Damage Tokens, 2 Chain Trackers, 2 Chain Tracker Tokens

– 44 Status Counters

– 1 Quickstart Rulebook

– 2 Poster Playmats

Players: 2 players, age 14+

Time: 15-45 min

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