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Lost in the Fantasy World is inspired by the classic Dungeons & Dragons cartoon of the 1980s, movies like Neverending Story, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Thus, it uses a game system that allows players to rely on their creativity and work as a team to solve problems instead of resorting to just hitting things hard. Lost in the Fantasy World is a game about young heroes helping each other as well as those in need—even in the face of their own struggles.

The rules only use six-sided dice, are easy to use, provide great narrative cues to drive the game forward and the book comes with tons or tools and tables to help the group come up with more and more adventures as they play.

Everything in the game, including characters, Opponents, Obstacles and the setting is defined by Traits. These can be freely created by the Mentor and the players and not only give evocative descriptions of their subject, but influence how they operate in the game, giving advantages and disadvantages on rolls.

-from publisher blurb

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