Maximum Apocalypse: Core Rulebook


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Maximum Apocalypse: The Roleplaying Game is based on the acclaimed board game series of the same name. In Maximum Apocalypse: RPG, players take on the roles of survivors of one of many apocalypses, adventuring across the ravaged wasteland attempting to survive the many dangers that lurk around every corner. In order to survive, you will need to scavenge and craft new items while also scrounging for food and fighting off everything from zombies to an alien invasion.

Maximum Apocalypse: The Roleplaying Game’s Core Rulebook features Gustav Rangmar’s extraordinary artwork throughout along with some commissioned pages of other artists.

  • All the core rules for the game
  • 10 Different Character Archetypes
  • 11 Different Personal Apocalypses you may have survived
  • Details on Crafting, Combat Rounds and Vehicle Chases
  • Additional tables, appendices and charts to make playing the game easier

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