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Nersha — A unique and customizable game of abstract strategy. Relive an ancient tale and lead your people home before they’re lost to the blizzard. 12 maps are included, with millions more to discover.

The goal is to lead 3 of your pieces home before your rival. Players take turns sliding 1 of their pieces across the board. There are no captures or jumps, but players’ pieces will keep sliding on open tiles if they move in a direction until they would run into something. When you lead a piece home, that’s one less piece on the board to block your rival. Every piece on the board may help or halt your progress.

While Nersha has several board layouts that ship with the game, players can decide to change the board or the number of pieces to play with, among other aspects. There are also seven different tile types that can add more complexity to mapmaking.

This game is designed to bridge between casual or abstract games you learn as a kid with daunting games like chess, bringing together all playstyles.