Raven Reads Box Fall 2021 (Kid)


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Raven Reads is a curated gift box designed to amplify Indigenous voices and stories. Each box contains a book form an Indigenous author (up to 3 books in the kids’ boxes) alongside unique crafts and gifts from Indigenous creators from across Canada and the United States.

The current boxes include two books. The first is Fishing With Grandma by Inuk filmmaker, Susan Avingaq and educator Maren Vsetula with illustrations by acclaimed childrens’ illustrator, Charlene Chua. The story is about a Grandma taking her grandchildren out for adventure on the lake where she teaches them how to fish and go out on the lake on their own.

The second book is The Dancing Trees by Inuk/Dene author Masiana Kelly, with illustration from Canadian illustrator Michelle Simpson. The Dancing Trees is about a young boy named Thomas who likes to tell stories about how skilled he is at living on the land. When a friend doesn’t believe him, he must prove himself. The trees, having heard his stories, watch him and their dance will leave Thomas with very different stories to tell.

The box also includes a Michif counting board from Mulberry Design and Engraving. Teach your child early math and logics concepts and help them learn Michif, the language of the Métis, through this hands-on learning and play experience!

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