Roll & Play – The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit (Orange)


Roll & Play is a GM’s toolkit, containing over 120 random tables compatible with 5E and other RPG systems. Wire-bound notebook lays flat.

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Game Master Level Up!

Roll & Play contains over 120 random tables compatible with 5E and any other fantasy role-playing games, making it a must-have for game masters everywhere! Its wire-bound design means that it can lie flat, fold in half and fit snugly behind your GM screen with the rest of your gaming essentials.

Inside the book you will find generators for random encounters, critical hits, tavern names, quests, traps, rumours, diseases, loot, potions, setting inspiration and much more. Roll on one of the colourful and easy-to-use tables during your games to produce satisfying content for your players and master your session on the fly.

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