Snow Day


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The weather outside is frightful! After a day of outside play in the snow, its time to race home. You and your friends split up and head to your respective homes, trying to get there first. Snowballs thrown by your opponents and the blistering cold will slow you down, and if you’re not careful, you might freeze before you arrive.

Snow Day has players creating Paths with cards, hoping to create a route from their origin point to their Home. Each turn, a player places a new Path card from a draw pile or manipulates an existing Path, then rolls a Movement Die to determine their movement, and finally accounts for their loss in body temperature. The game acts as a race against both your friends and the weather itself, as players lose temperature on each turn. If their temperature reaches zero, they’re frozen solid and eliminated from the competition.

Players can disrupt one another’s paths as a defensive move, at the potential cost of their own path development. Special Path cards also allow for a player to chuck an imaginary Snowball at an opponent, speeding up their friend’s freezing process. The first player to arrive to their home before freezing is the winner.


Players: 2-4, Ages 8+

Time:10-20 mins