Snowhaven Snowpunk Fantasy for Pathfinder (Hardcover)


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Snowhaven is a dark fantasy setting perched on the edge of a snowbound wasteland. Cut off from the outside world by icy seas for half the year and snowed in all year round, Snowhaven survives on the edge of the known world by the strength of its unimaginable mineral wealth which it extracts from the nearby mountains and the magical reagents found by daring explorers on the frozen tundra. Brilliant feats of engineering keep the city warm and habitable even in the depths of the worst winters, and one of their greatest discoveries – the secret of black powder weapons – is just beginning to become known to the wider world.

Vast sums of coin flow through Snowhaven attracting a sizable criminal element, eager to take their cut by any means. Greed and corruption abound within the city walls; the city’s politics are grim and cutthroat, filled with intrigue, with hordes of shady individuals looking for the right set of extra hands to carry out their dirty work. Beyond the city walls, the icy wastelands offer death for the foolhardy and the unprepared but promise a chance at riches. Those brave enough to quest for the natural treasures of the ice must survive the worst weather found in any corner of the world, as well as the monsters that prowl the tundra, waiting to make a meal of the unwary. Are your players clever enough to survive the deadly games of intrigue within the city’s darkest alleyways, strong enough to brave the dangers of the snow and ice beyond the walls, and smart enough to make it out alive? Journey to Snowhaven and find out . . .

Within Snowhaven you’ll find details on the world, a grimoire of magic spells, monsters of the snow wastes, and three adventures designed to help you explore the nooks and crannies of the world. You’ll find character creation options for all the major classes and you’ll gain details on the race of creatures called the Yetu; a steam wielding species of Yeti-folk who make the Snow Wastes their home.

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