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Three-Step Plan is a role playing game where you start by picking your character’s motivation and objective and build onto them from there.

This game is meant to be played in one evening with little to no prep, so it’s perfect to break out when your wizard bails on the party last minute.

The strongest and most unique elements to Three-Step Plan are as follows:

– Since your character has a main objective, and a plan to complete that objective (the three steps), you start the game with a strong sense of purpose. Since each other player will have a character with equally strong motivations, the adventure will have a strong focus, and the characters will waste no time getting into trouble.

– The characters, with some meddling from the GM, are dropped into the game with their objectives connected to the other players around the table. Even though everyone has their own objective, trying to complete these objectives at the same time is going to bring them together, often in exciting, explosive, and entertaining ways.

– Character creation is a game. From the get-go, you are invested in your character, trying to get the equipment and traits you need before the other players scoop them up. Because of the dice, there will be some randomness to what is available, but at the same time, you have lots of control over what you choose for your character.

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