Unnecessary Inventions


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This is the reason your mom always told you to pay attention in school! Unnecessary Inventions, a game inspired by the hit social media sensation, challenges players to come up with creative, innovative ( and ridiculous) solutions to common , everyday problems ( that most people don’t really care about). Be the player with the most invention cards at the end of game play to win the top spot. Happy Inventing!!

Unnecessary Inventions is a card game that turns players into their own inventors and brings out everyone’s creativity, while getting friends & family together for a fun game night or gathering.

Draw an invention card and read it aloud to all players. Then flip over the 2-minute timer and start inventing! Solve the Invention-Time problem, coming up with your own invention’s name, description, and a drawing of the invention.

Each game comes with everything needed for over 70 rounds of fun: 74 invention time cards, 6 dry-erase pens, 6 dry-erase boards, and a 2 minute sand timer.

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Players: 4-8 players

Age: 12+

Time: 45-90 min

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