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In this game it’s up to you to imagine what life was like for our ancestors, and provide your own vision of this time before time. During your adventures, whether simply surviving or going on perilous hunts and legendary quests, your characters will gain strength, wisdom and prestige by exploring unknown territories, daring to enter mysterious caves, seeking out the powers of ancient spirits, or challenging the creatures of the night.

All the rules you need to play Würm are included in the core rulebook. These rules were designed to be simple and clear. For the most part, they only require a few six-sided dice. Most of all, they were designed to reflect the challenges of the Stone Age. For example, to develop the characters, you won’t need skills and stats, but a number of Strengths and Weaknesses that are connected to specific totems. Additionally, Talents and Secret Techniques represent the abilities that a character will have to learn, such as painting, shamanism or certain combat techniques.

The game is faithful to established archeological sources, carefully relaying what we know of the technical knowledge, environment and culture of our ancestors. However, the world of Würm also leaves room for a touch of fantasy and adventure. You will therefore find rules that allow you to incorporate with the powers of totem spirits, as well as information about a range of fantastical creatures living along side the mammoths and the cave bears, such as fire spirits, witches and glacier giants.

In Würm you will find adventure in the prehistoric past of our own world, in a time before history began, thirty-five thousand years ago when man was not safe from the world around him!

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