Facilitated Tabletop Roleplaying Game Workshops

(Collaborative Storytelling Experience)

Inspired by the historical use of Indigenous oral storytelling and our passion for tabletop roleplaying games, we have developed a program of facilitated interactive gaming workshops suitable for one or more groups of 4-7 individuals. Over three days, our six-hour workshops are led by our trained facilitators who share their love of gaming with your participants. These workshops are designed to give participants the tools to improve teamwork, foster better communication, learn important collaboration skills, improve leadership, improve literacy, and provide a meaningful social experience. 

Our focus is to empower participants to be able to tell their own stories and each workshop is designed to give participants not only the skills, but the tools and resources to do so. Working with our publishing partners we will leave books, dice, and all of the other physical items necessary to continue engaging in these valuable social activities without us.

Career and Educational Support planning

Pe Metawe Consulting understands the value of finding a rewarding and meaningful career path and we are able to support our clients at any stage of their education or job seeking. Working with individuals or groups, we assist our clients through every stage of career development ranging from researching and identifying suitable career paths, identifying both soft and technical skill training providers, pursuing funding for education, developing professional resumes, support through the application and interview stage, and assisting into transition into employment.

We are able to provide individualized support on a one-on-one basis to clients at whatever stage of their career development they are at, or develop custom facilitated workshops for groups of individuals who are seeking support in career planning. In addition, we are able to provide collaborative support for any communities seeking to obtain both accredited and non-accredited training programs for their members. 


One of the challenges facing many Indigenous people in Alberta is the isolated nature and remoteness of their community and community members. Pe Metawe Consulting seeks to serve as an intermediary bridge between Indigenous Communities and community members by working as a third party to assist in the facilitation of relationship building and partnerships with a wide variety of industries. Our commitment to our clients is to ensure that all work we do will result in the betterment of the Indigenous peoples who participate in this engagement through employment, social programs, or other meaningful results.


Having extensive experience with Indigenous Youth, Pe Metawe Consulting understands many of the challenges facing youth in Alberta and the need for proper support and engagement of those representing the future of Indigenous peoples. We are focused on providing meaningful training and support for youth living both in traditional communities and within the urban setting. Services include but are not limited to: employment readiness coaching; researching and developing educational plans; facilitation with Elders to better understand traditional cultural teachings; and general life preparation skill development.


Pe Metawe Consulting is constantly evaluating the ways in which we can better serve our Indigenous Communities and Clients and we are always open to discussing additional services to offer our clients. We specialize in community engagement and facilitation, employment readiness training and career planning but we are always happy to identify new ways to assist our clients. Please contact us if you feel there are additional ways that we may be able to support you.

Our experience includes but is not limited to: