Translated from Cree, Pe Metawe means “Come and Play” and serves as the guiding principle of how we approach our work. Indigenous owned and operated, we are working towards the betterment of Indigenous people living in Alberta. Pe Metawe Consulting blends the traditional values of Indigenous culture with the modern needs of our clients.

Our Vision

To honor the shared Indigenous heritage of our team while retaining a sense of enjoyment in the work that we do.

Our Mission

To provide consulting services that blend cultural teachings, positive social interaction, and a passion for community engagement while meeting the needs of our clients. 


Utilizing our library of interactive tabletop games, Pe Metawe Consulting is able to deliver a range of workshops aimed at assisting youth in developing key competencies in a variety of life skills. Our workshops can assist in improving communication, teamwork, collaboration, socialization, leadership, literacy and math skills. Under our guiding principles, the workshops blend traditional teaching models with an interactivity focused on fun, improving the value and engagement of our participants.

Workshops can be tailored to fit the needs of our community partners and can range from 90 minutes to 6 hours. 

$60.00 per hour.

Pe Metawe Consulting understands the value of finding a rewarding and meaningful career path and we are able to support our clients at any stage of their education or job search. Through customizable workshops, we are able to assist our clients through every stage of career development ranging from researching and identifying suitable career paths, identifying both soft and technical skill training providers, pursuing funding for education, developing professional resumes, support through the application and interview stage, and assisting with the transition into employment.

Our workshops are designed to be modular in nature and the content and deliverables can be customized based on the needs of the community. Each module of workshop is designed to be completed within a half day. Costs will vary based on the structure of the workshops.

Pe Metawe Consulting is providing support for clients in transitioning to utilizing video and teleconferencing systems to adapt to the changing needs of a modern work force. We can provide training, implantation and administrative management of a robust set of video conferencing, and webinar tools. Our team can facilitate both internal staff or stakeholder meetings, as well as providing support in developing and presenting information for an active or passive audience.

Our primary expertise is utilizing Zoom Video conferencing, which blends accessibility and affordability, but we’re happy to help clients in utilizing whichever preferred digital video conferencing systems they prefer. We can also assist with on-site and remote setup of all hardware and software necessary to get your team connected digitally.

Utilizing our range of video production tools, we are able to provide full video production services to our clients which can include the planning, production, recording and editing of informational style videos. Our team specializes in helping clients convey their key messaging in a format that is both engaging and fun for the target audience. In addition to creating the video, we are also able to provide support in managing the content and ensuring it reaches its intended audiences.

Our team has an extensive range of experience in managing social media both internally, as well as for our clients. We are able to support any new clients that require assistance in fully utilizing the range of social media tools available. Our experience extends to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Our team is comprised of professionals that have experience in many industries. We are happy to discuss any other ways in which we can provide support to our clients. Our experience includes but is not limited to: 

  • Verbatim Audio Transcription
  • Comprehensive Event Planning and Support
  • Human Resources Consultation
  • Youth Engagement Services
  • Community Engagement and Corporate Relationship Building
  • Team Building Workshops and Exercises


David Plamondon

Engagement Specialist / Team Guide

With over 25 years of gaming experience and more than 10 years supporting Indigenous people in career planning and education, David began Pe Metawe Consulting to share his love of games and his drive to help indigenous people succeed.

Jayde Gravel

Workshop Coordinator

Utilizing her Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport and Tourism as well as her years of community engagement, Jayde brings her skills and training to lead the development and delivery of all of our workshops.

Bobbi greig

Administrative Project Coordinator

With her extensive experience in a variety of administrative fields, Bobbi supports the entire team by communicating with clients, tracking projects, and assisting with both on- and off-site events. 

Joseph Tong

Creative Projects Coordinator

With a history of experimenting with different universities and eventually deciding that even his food was going to be art (through taking culinary arts at NAIT), it is pretty clear how Jo is the creative engine for Pe Metawe Consulting. He is generally in charge of putting together videos and similar projects with the goal of inspiring both clientele and the individual. 

Andrea Madsen

Curriculum Coordinator

Coming from a decade of combined math, science, and education experience, Andrea brings a connecting lens between the activities in our workshops and the learning outcomes our clients seek. She provides and polishes the resources the team uses to inspire action through our varied activities with a signature passion for lifelong learning.

Abraham Callingbear-woo

Youth Engagement Coordinator

Abraham Callingbear-Woo has years of experience in youth work and child care. He’s an experienced football coach and a passionate gamer. He’s a skilled writer that brings his myriad of experience to bear in helping build life skills and cultural teachings in our workshops and engagement sessions.

Gillian Spencer

Youth Engagement Specialist

As someone who is also currently enrolled in post secondary for a Bachelors of Music (followed by a Bachelors of Education),  Gillian hopes to help create, find, and utilise resources for youth to learn and understand their life and the experiences of the world around them through Pe Metawe Consulting.

Chanel Hope

Youth Engagement Specialist

As an advocate of the Treaty 8 Youth Council and a proud member of Sucker Creek First Nation, Chanel is passionate about her work in supporting youth. Her goals are to attain a diploma in Correctional Services to better support at risk youth and families. She continues on her journey in connecting with her Indigenous culture, and spends her time volunteering to bring awareness of the need for reconciliation.



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