Tale Quest is a collaborative partnership between the Young Alberta Book Society (YABS) and Pe Metawe Consulting. The three hour workshop includes a forty-five minute, guided character development process hosted by a literary artist, followed by a two hour collaborative storytelling experience led by professional facilitators. Each participant will take the role of their own created protagonist and work as a group to create and share a narrative story in a literary genre of their choosing.  The workshop is designed for youth ages 12 to 17 to be hosted by schools, libraries or community organizations.

How do participants benefit?

The goal of Tale Quest is to provide participants an opportunity to explore their own creativity through the literary creation process, as well as develop key life skills such as collaboration, creative problem solving, and leadership. The workshop supports the mission and vision of both the Young Alberta Book Society and Pe Metawe Consulting by encouraging a passion for literacy while utilizing a model of gamification to better engage participants and encourage collaborative social activities.

At the completion of each Tale Quest workshop, the host and participants will be provided with a curated list of recommended books and authors that match the chosen genre of the host to encourage youth to continue to explore stories that are similar to the ones created through the collaborative workshop. Hosts and participants will also be provided with a list of resources that are freely available to continue exploring the world of collaborative story telling.

How do we participate?

Our workshops are designed to be social activities. In light of the impact and safety concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently offering Tale Quest through an online delivery model only. Our preferred platform is Zoom but we are happy to accommodate the needs and requests of hosts and utilize any video or audio conferencing platform that is preferred.

What does it cost?

The collaborative storytelling component of Tale Quest accommodates groups of up to six. Our workshops are priced based on the number of groups participating. Our special introductory pricing is as follows:

$325.00 + GST for 1 Group

$400.00 + GST for 2 Groups

$475.00 + GST for 3 Groups

$550.00 + GST for 4 Groups

$625.00 + GST for 5 Groups

$700.00 + GST for 6 Groups

All costs include Artist fees, facilitation fees, video conferencing hosting costs, and resources to be provided upon completion.   

What genres do you host?

We are happy to offer the following genres of collaborative storytelling at this time, but will also consider any special requests by our host organizations and communities. All workshops will be age appropriate for youth participants.




Super Heroes

Contemporary Adventure


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